Magnasoft has an open, friendly, fun and caring work culture for its employees and management.

Customers and clients are treated with respect, integrity and accountabiity, with a sense of ownerhip and Entrepreneurship from the employees and management.

Magnasoft has a dynamic, agile and young culture that encourages constant competency building and learning.

Culture and Philosophy

HR Philosophy

"To Make Our Internal Customers Traverse the Path of Accelerated Growth through Complete Ownership of Our Customer Needs by providing Fulfilling Career in Multi Focused Spatial Solutions, Services & Products to our Employees Delight"

Magnasoft encourages collaboration amongst its members

Magnasoft endeavors to:

  • Inculcate an open, interactive, congenial and innovative work environment.
  • Collaborative work environment aimed at achieving the highest quality results.
  • Development of employees through training programs that would enhance their skills - a way of life at Magnasoft.
  • Maintain a warm and positive work environment, where every employee maintains the self-confidence and self-esteem of others


The C-I-C-A-R-E Principle.

At Magnasoft, Complete Ownership of customer needs by practicing:

C Complete Ownership
I Integrity: Complete ownership to be ethical, sincere and open
C Customer Needs: Complete ownership that delivers customer delight by understanding of customer needs
A Accountable: Complete ownership to meet & exceed targets that are set for internal & external customer
R Respect: Complete ownership to treat people fairly while facilitating accelerated growth & learning
E Entrepreneurship: Complete ownership of accelerated growth driven by collaborative Leadership

Culture at Magnasoft

Complete Ownership of “Learning, Earning and Fun with Pride at work".

We facilitate a friendly environment that enables our employees to take complete ownership of what ever they do. That is reflected in our associate’s relationships internally with colleagues, clients, partners, or the society in which we live.

As a dynamic and fast growing company, we are committed to the complete ownership of continuous excellence by focusing beyond technology and practicing innovative methods of financial management, business development strategies and nurturing human resources.

Well established HR policies and practices that cater to the diversified and far-flanked employees working across the globe. We take complete ownership to provide balance in professional and personal life of our employee's providing an invigorating working environment for overall development of an individual.

Competency building and continuous learning

Magnasoft believes in "LIVING ON THE EDGE".

Magnasoft inculcates an environment of competency

An epitome that envisages the concept of competency building by constantly nourishes our employees through investment in skill enhancement programs and professional training that accelerates development of the overall personality of employees.

All associates at Magnasoft are provided training program that will ensure long term growth and productivity.

Performance Management

The Performance Management System is a composite and is evolved from the current software industry trends and best practices to best suit our environment. The integrated approach of Complete Ownership is practiced to identify and reward employees appropriately at all levels in the organization.

The senior management and middle management are highly mature in their approach, by practicing a more voluntary strategy and target-oriented MBO (Management by Objective). The system ensures vertical & horizontal growth of the organization.



At Magnasoft we believe "a healthy associate is a happy associate". In consonance with the philosophy Magnasoft provides Health Insurance Benefits for all full-time associates and designated dependents. Associates and dependents are also provided access to insurance coverage under hospitalization scheme by United India Insurance Co. Ltd.

In addition, Magnasoft associates have access to the group personal accident and life insurance. The overage starts from the day associate employment commences.

Non-monetary Benefits

Magnasoft provides competitive non-monetary benefits to its associates over and above their normal compensation to achieve maximum productivity by providing a satisfying and comfortable work environment. The facilities include:

  • Recreation room
  • Cafeteria
  • Photogrammtetry Lab
  • Company-Wide Events and Celebrations to promote recognition, team interaction and bonding