Magnasoft and its partners are are global experts in GIS Photogrammetry, LiDAR, Orthophoto, CADD, mapping, Laser Scanning, 3D modeling and Remote Sensing

Magnasoft's global alliance model provides international geospatial solutions, engineering services, mapping services, mobile mapping solutions, GIS mapping services, application development services and product development services in GIS and LBS domains.

Magnasoft and its worldwide partners serve verticals, industries and domains such as power, gas, water, utilities, governments, enterprises, land administration, mining, oil, transportation, forestry.

  • ESRI

    ArcGIS Server, Engine, Explorer, Extensions, ArcPad, ArcInfo, ArcEditor, ArcView, ArcReader, Map Objects
  • TelventArcFM (ArcGIS AM/FM/GIS)
  • Autodesk

    AutoDesk Map, AutoDesk Mapguide, AutoDesk Civil/Survey, AutoDesk Land Desktop
  • Bentley

    Microstation J, Microstation Geographics
  • Open source GIS

    GRASS, Quantum GIS, gvSIG, GeoServer, MapServer, OpenLayers
  • MapInfo

    MapInfo Extreme, MapInfo Professional
  • Databases

    PostGIS, MySQL Spatial, Oracle Spatial, MS SQL Server 2008, PostgreSQL, Spatialware
  • Photogrammetry

    Leica Photogrammetry Suite, Summit Evolution, DAT/EM
  • LiDAR

    TerraScan, TerraModeler, ERDAS Imagine, Bentley Microstation
  • Orthophoto

    Leica Mosaic Pro, Adobe Photoshop
  • Laser Scanning & 3D Building

    Leica cyclone, Leica cloudworks, Rapidform Version xor, Geomagic Version 11
  • Magnasoft's Alliances


    Building enduring relationships is central to our alliances business strategy. The strategic global vision defines our global alliances business expansion through our alliances partners in growth in GIS space.

    We are committed to building relationships with major vendors in the GIS space that have evolved and strengthened over time. The confidence of our alliance partners is evident in the present established relationships with companies whose capabilities complement our own expertise.

    Our collaborate approach to work with our partners ecosystem to provide spatial information management solutions to large Government and Private Customers. Our Alliance Program is designed to collaborate with our partners with complementing technology and business experience that enables us to go-to-market solutions and services jointly address the customer business needs effectively within the partner ecosystem.

    • Align spatial information management services and solutions with the solutions offered by the alliance partners
    • Effectively support the partners in the sales process and post-sales support
    • Jointly develop go to market solutions that increases the sales of the partner and Magnasoft
    • Provide committed resource, technical and infrastructure support for cost-effective delivery of solutions to the customer
    Alliance Partner Advantages

    Magnasoft brings transparency to the partnership; the advantages include:

    • Cost-effective solutions
    • Best quality and service
    • Innovative spatial solutions by blending technology and services
    • Dedicated Offshore Geospatial development center
    • Implementation of projects from other business partners
    • Joint bidding for projects
    End Customer Benefits
    • End-to-end solutions for customers
    • Local support through our partners
    • Post-sales support of partner solutions/products
    • Product enhancement for existing customers
    • Remote delivery and technology support
    Read about our Alliance Partnership Model