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  • Land Administration - Cadastral Case Study

    French Cadastral Mapping

    Vectorization, Georeferencing & Edgematching

    Background and Objectives

    The client is a leading French consultancy providing specialized services in Geomatics and land rights. They specialize in integrating land data for use in land development and infrastructure related projects. Magnasoft has a strategic partnership with the client and provides data conversion and integration services for land cadastre, utilities and Photogrammetry.

    Key Aspects of the Project

    • The project involves Vectorization, Georeferencing & Edgematching of cadastral maps.

    Services Rendered and Methodology

    The scope of work involved the following activities:

    • Plotting and Pre-processingScans of section maps provided by client are plotted and checked for clarity
    • Digitization
      Digitization using AutoCAD 2000 based on digitisation standards
      Involves line work digitisation with proper layerisation Quality Check for digitization & textual accuracy
    • Georeferencing
      The maps are georeferenced using Helmert transformation routine developed by Magnasoft in AutoCAD
      Georeferencing carried out on grid (regular) and non-grid(non-regular) maps
    • Quality ControlCADCORP-SIS tools used for checking errors in digitised drawings with regard to network, node placement and text attribution
    • Creation of plot and coordinate files
      Edgematching of regular and non-regular maps

    Tools Used

    • MicroStationJ
    • AutoCAD Map