Your organization may need to identify a non-invasive and a cost-effective mechanism to perform a retrofitting job at its current facility. Or, it may require capturing the “as-is” dimension of a heritage site, architectural unit, an existing facility, plant or any such installation.

Often, the challenges to either map an existing installation or plan an upgrade to the installation requires accurate information. Since most organizations still use paper-based drawings as reference, the real-life impact of unforeseeable changes cannot be planned.

Using a 3D Laser Scanning method can solve these challenges in a non-invasive manner with accurate results.

Why Us

Magnasoft provides value to its customers by having:

  • Executed more than 5000 projects globally
  • Capacity to deliver more than 5,000 man hours of work every month
  • Expertise in industry leading technologies
  • End-to-end capabilities – from scanning to developing 3D models
  • Strong hands-on experience in plant modeling, 2D and 3D modeling
  • Executed complex projects in multifarious industries such as Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), Healthcare, Heritage building, Transportation and more

Services We Offer

Magnasoft’s 3D laser scanning division employs the best industry talent with immense domain knowledge.

The 3D Laser Scanning data team at Magnasoft strives to exceed client expectations on innovation and high quality of data delivery.

The services offered by Magnasoft include:

  • 3D ‘as-built’ update
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Wireframe Models
  • NURBS / Rapid Surface Model
  • Solid Model
  • Noise Elimination & Polygon Reduction
  • Surface Texturing / Photo draping
  • Animation / Walk thru

Public authorities, architects and museums have increasing demands for 3D viewing tools. Magnasoft specializes in delivering 3D models for any type of structure (production floors, bridge, water tower, road or tunnel) or building (religious, cultural or sporting). These are accurate to the nearest millimeter and provide a superlative level of realism.

Magnasoft provides services that include production of conventional facade plans, plan views, sections, points of disjunction, elevations and profiles from any digitized point of the structure concerned.

Magnasoft solves the 3D modeling needs in the following application areas:

Architectural Restoration

When original accents are lost, the 3D Laser scan of the original object can be used to recreate templates and molds for many items, including hand carved wooden posts, plaster appliqué and metal hardware. Using CNC machining, replica components can be manufactured.

Historical Archival / Museum

Exact replicas of original art and historical artifacts can be created from 3D Laser Scans, providing historians and enthusiasts access to rare and delicate specimens for study. Replicas could be placed out for museum visitors to touch and hold. Virtual Museums could be made available worldwide, while the original specimen remains protected.

Manufacturing & Reverse Engineering

When there is an existing sample, scanning is the ideal basis for a run of replacement parts. When replacement parts no longer exist, reverse engineering and short run manufacturing is often the only way to keep antique or legacy equipment in service.

Fabrication and Construction Inspection

The quality and integrity of manufacturing can be assured by comparing a production sample to both the original CAD file and a sample known to be within spec.

Magnasoft’s Laser Scanning team creates virtual design solutions for customers in the Real Estate & Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Digital Data Factories and Transportation & LBS verticals. The models are created with accuracies of up to ±3mm and at level of detail (LOD) that customers require. We understand all prevailing international LOD standards used for different end-products. Our team processes data with bespoke quality standards to deliver task objectives like scan registration, 2D drawings and 3D models using state-of-the-art technologies and tools. We help customers to effectively manage their assets, improve planning and maintenance, training and reverse engineering requirements.