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Highest quality ensured at all times

Originating from Six Sigma, First Time Right (FTR) is an important concept that ensures achievement of highest quality in processes. FTR ensures that any procedure is performed in the right manner the first time and every time. Following the concept, to achieve the highest standards in the processes, projects and deliverables, Magnasoft has developed its own Quality Management Framework called ‘mFirst,’ which stands for ‘Magnasoft First Time Right Quality’.

An organization that churns around the perfect output time and again enjoys greater confidence and trust among the customers. We strive to achieve that. We are always working on stringent deadlines and we take responsibility to deliver the data, not only as per the commitment but also with No Error. To ensure that we are delivering the right data, we go an extra mile to thoroughly understand and align with the customer requirements.

Magnasoft strives to maintain the highest standards in the deliverables. Consequently, Quality checks have been put in place, which occur in two phases: QC and QA levels. For the production team, the QC team functions as an internal customer and for the QC team, the QA team functions as the customer. For the QA team, the end customer assesses the quality standards. The Quality team uses a robust performance tracking system to assess the overall performance of the projects and operators on a daily/weekly and monthly basis through Dashboards.

This holistic approach enables Magnasoft to maintain the highest quality in all deliverables.

A glimpse of mFirst

Robust Dashboard  Performance Tracking System:

1. Daily Trend Analysis:

Assessing the performance of the project on a daily basis.

2. Week on Week (WOW) Trend Analysis.

Assessing the performance trend of the project on a weekly basis.

3. Daily Operator wise Quality Trend

4. Errors Contributors chart

5. Quality Assurance:

The performance tracking system for QC is carried out through dashboards whereas the final QA validation process is executed through robust Quality Assurance metrics. Post sample  validation of the data by QA POC (Point of contact) as per QA metrics, if the data gets passed, it gets delivered to the customers along with the QA Report, whereas on failure it is sent back to production for recheck and resubmission to QA.


At Magnasoft, the delivery of quality output is considered not only the responsibility of the Quality department, but each team member takes individual ownership to ascertain that they provide quality data. The combined efforts of all the stakeholders help us in maintaining the quality and elevate the existing processes to the next level, thereby creating happy customers continually.