1. 3D City Infrastructure

3D Models and Base Maps for Public Works, Transport and Civic Amenities Management

2. Indoor Mapping

Enabling Facility Management, Asset Operations, Maintenance and Indoor Navigation

3. Topographic Mapping

Underpinning Business and Decision-making Processes Everywhere

4. Digital Twin

Enabling planning, testing and monitoring of physical, economic and community structures

5. 3D Modeling

Extraction of elevations for your 3D mapping workflows

7. Cadastral Mapping

Realizing Public Land Records that underpin a Successful Economy

8. Planimetric Mapping
9. Stereo Compilation

Stereo Mapping for Accurate Digital Feature Extraction

10. Aerial Triangulation

Deriving 3D coordinates of the earth’s surface using aerial imagery

Data Management for Autonomous Vehicles

Advancing autonomous mobility through precise data services….mindfully!

Allowing autonomous vehicles to ‘see’ the road conditions ‘as they are’ at all times


Autonomous driving has moved from the realm of science fiction to a reality today. For safe navigation, these vehicles require highly accurate HD Maps that are updated on a continuous basis to provide a high degree of accuracy, up to the centimeter scale. Magnasoft is committed to enable its customers to deliver large volume, highly accurate data management services to meet the needs of autonomous vehicles.

Our expertise lies in seamlessly combining data from all types of sensors, including imagery, LiDAR, radar and ultrasound, delivering annotation and labelling services in all forms like bounding boxes, semantic segmentation, polylines, polygons, geo and key point annotation, and advanced workflow management via proprietary platforms (mPower, mFirst, mSee and mCloud), flexibly integrated with existing solutions. Whether you are a mapmaker, OEM supplier, an automaker or a tech giant envisioning a strong presence in the AV market, we have you covered with our unmatched data management services.

Data Annotation and Labelling for Autonomous Vehicles

Standing tall with over 20 years of experience in offering extraordinary mapping solutions and enterprise-grade custom annotation & labeling services to support AI/ML automation on vast amounts of data, Magnasoft is well-equipped to bring to the table accurate and cost-effective data management services for High Definition maps within the automotive and large tech sector.

The impactful combination of automated tools and expertise of human annotators enables us to gain 100% accuracy in data annotation for autonomous vehicles. We specialize in enriching and customizing annotated data to meet various industry requirements. Our expert team is equipped to provide you with all types of data annotation services.



Geo-annotation aids in drone imagery annotation, bounding box, semantic segmentation, etc. We can help you...

Semantic Segmentation

We enable autonomous vehicles to locate objects and boundaries like persons, cars, flowers, furniture, etc.,...

Polylines & Polygons

Sometimes irregular objects cannot be accurately captured by bounding boxes. This is where by drawing...

Key Point Annotation

Our key point annotation services in human faces help in facial recognition and detecting emotions,...

Bounding Boxes

For training autonomous driving prediction models for lanes, pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, etc., they need to...

Where AI/ML fails, our expertise shines

The task of making HD Maps is quite challenging as it requires capture and storage of large amount of data. Sensors such as cameras, LiDAR, GPS, IMU, and radars, placed on autonomous vehicles constantly record data for map creation and map update purposes. However, this data needs to be cleaned, annotated and labelled efficiently to get the desired outcome. Whether you are just embarking on aggregating data for AVs or have made sufficient progress in the race, you must be well aware of the data challenges that could potentially halt your progress. Don’t let the challenges dim your spirit, associate with us to overcome the data challenges with ease.

Automakers are investing billions in AI systems that can aid them in cleaning up the sensor data collected by autonomous vehicles. However, the precision level achieved by these systems is about 70%-80%. For achieving 100% precision in the data, human expertise is required and this is what Magnasoft boasts of. Our highly experienced team equipped with the skills and knowledge to understand the latest technologies and use them for getting perfect outcomes make us your trusted partner for your data management needs.

Magnasoft Data Services for Autonomous Vehicles

Magnasoft is your ‘go-to’ partner if building high precision data for autonomous vehicles (AV) is on your mind. We can recreate the details of the road to an accuracy of 5cm and higher. We will also help you in keeping your autonomous data constantly updated and meeting high precision standards using our expertise in data annotation, data labeling, data conflation, data validation, data curation, data cleaning, change detection etc.

We understand that different AV functions such as auto emergency braking, lane departure warning or parking assist have different data annotation and labeling requirements, and that’s why a single image in a data lake could require different types of annotation (bounding boxes, segmentation masks, polylines, etc.). To meet such diverse requirements, you need a robust strategy to manage data and this is what we aim to provide you with. From image labeling to the creation of high quality datasets for training the machines, we are your trusted partner in the data management journey for AVs.

Data Analytics for Autonomous Vehicles
Multi Sensor Labeling for Autonomous Vehicles
Data Analytics for Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving vehicles use different types of sensors to gather data about their surroundings. Additionally, autonomous vehicle development teams around the world run tests and collect large amount of test drive data. This massive amount of data must be analyzed intelligently so as to enable autonomous vehicles to make decisions faster in diverse conditions.
Magnasoft can help you analyze the huge amounts of sensory data collected by autonomous vehicles thereby helping you to build control systems that can perceive information and safely navigate the roads without human intervention. Incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence into building vehicle autonomy requires evolving expertise and this is where Magnasoft’s services stand out.

Multi Sensor Labeling for Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles collect different types of data using different types of sensors (radar, ultrasound, LiDAR, cameras). Accordingly, in a single frame from one camera there are usually hundreds of objects which must be labelled accurately. Thus, it becomes necessary to follow well-defined guidelines on what and how to annotate and label so as to achieve efficiency and consistency. Our well-defined annotation guidelines help us achieve consistency and effective outcomes in lesser time. The in-depth understanding of the field helps us to use the most appropriate tool for each annotation task.

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