1. 3D City Infrastructure

3D Models and Base Maps for Public Works, Transport and Civic Amenities Management

2. Indoor Mapping

Enabling Facility Management, Asset Operations, Maintenance and Indoor Navigation

3. Topographic Mapping

Underpinning Business and Decision-making Processes Everywhere

4. Digital Twin

Enabling planning, testing and monitoring of physical, economic and community structures

5. 3D Modeling

Extraction of elevations for your 3D mapping workflows

7. Cadastral Mapping

Realizing Public Land Records that underpin a Successful Economy

8. Planimetric Mapping
9. Stereo Compilation

Stereo Mapping for Accurate Digital Feature Extraction

10. Aerial Triangulation

Deriving 3D coordinates of the earth’s surface using aerial imagery

Onshore and Offshore modeling Services

Data-centric 3D Engineering & Design for Process Plants

Magnasoft offers a wide array of both primitive and intelligent modeling services for Process Plants. The primitive models are non-intelligent and contain only shapes; our intelligent models provide information and assign attributes to each primitive model thereby enabling a better analysis and smarter decisions. Our key offerings include creating Intelligent as-built models using plant specs and defined standards, designing intelligent 3D ‘As-built’ models by adding feature attribution to primitive or non-intelligent models, generating isometric drawings, plot plans and GA drawings which aids in future engineering processes and updating the Primitive models with Level-1 tagging.
Our Onshore and Offshore models capture minute details such as coordinates, pipe diameters, measurements, elevations and similar are captured with sheer accuracy. Smart data such as the aforementioned supports in detecting and eliminating possible clashes, interferences, and ensures better planning for decommissioning a plant facility. Magnasoft offers comprehensive onshore and offshore modeling services for process plants.

Magnasoft Onshore and Offshore modeling Services

Large facilities and plants often face huge risk exposure and high probability of operational shutdowns. Our intelligent modeling techniques aid in mitigating such risks by creating a virtual plant environment for the engineers for better assessment of the existing facility or plant.

Onshore Modelling
Offshore Modelling
Onshore Modelling

Our deep domain knowledge enable us to create highly accurate 3D ‘As- built’ models for oil & gas giants across the globe. When one of the top 7 oil & gas companies of the world, headquartered in London, UK approached us for creating 3D ‘As- built’ models for a retrofit project in North America’s famous Oil & Gas basin, we were confident of delivering quality outcomes, exceeding the client’s expectations.

The client is primarily into exploration, production, refining, marketing and distribution of petrochemicals across the globe. It was upgrading an existing plant in the gulf basin. New devices were to be installed in the plant. Since Data integrity is a vital factor in Oil & Gas retrofit projects, the client was very concerned about the execution as operational constraints were anticipated in the installation of new devices. One of the major challenges faced by the client was capturing precise and detailed data as the data available was highly cluttered for any onshore retrofit project. They had to create a real environment in 3D to understand the functioning and errors in deployment of new devices. This task seemed all the more difficult due to the use of traditional methods of data capture.

Magnasoft, having a demonstrated experience in collection of reliable ‘As-built’ data helped the client in both data collection and building 3D models for effective asset management decisions. The data was captured in point cloud format. Magnasoft immediately processed the point cloud data which helped the pipeline designers in running clash detection queries straight from raw data even before accessing the 3D models. Our expert and certified team was deployed at the client site to provide face to face training and support services to client’s employees ensuring a safe working environment during the execution of the entire project. They created 2D and 3D piping designs using asset management software.

The 2D drawings were transposed into 3D models. These intelligent models instantly helped the client in visualizing the pipeline layout even before it was built thereby helping in effective planning. This project was executed in a span of 2 months for a modelling an area of 14000m2. The client used the information in creating and executing a better asset management plan. 120 laser scanning positions were identified and 3D digital data was mapped with an accuracy of less than 10mm. The information collected by Magnasoft helped the client in clash detection and shaft alignments to run a better floor flatness test. This ensured that the new devices/ machines were installed on a flat base within the prerequisite level thereby leaving no room for errors.

Offshore Modelling

Our offshore modelling services enable oil & gas giants achieve operational excellence. Using our expertise in the domain, we helped the world’s third largest energy and petrochemical giant, headquartered in Hague, Netherlands, conduct 3D laser scanning of the area and get precise estimates to ensure smooth planning for mature assets earmarked for removal.

The client was a century old company with operations across 70 countries and 44000 service stations worldwide. It is not only involved in the oil & gas industry but also operates in the renewable energy sector for a sustainable future. It operated in one of the biggest offshore fields of the world, the Brent field. The offshore field consisted of 4 platforms namely Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta. These platforms were set up with a massive investment running into billions. Due to excessive depletion of resources, the project had to be decommissioned. The client was in search of a suitable and accurate method to plan the entire process of decommissioning by minimizing the time and risk involved. Magnasoft aided the project by providing end to end laser scanning services for each platform and ensuring a smooth decommissioning by minimizing the risk.

Majority of assets in the decommissioning area were in operation long before the introduction of 3D models. Therefore, no concrete models or detailed drawings were available to plan the decommissioning of the project in the first place. The offshore installations were in remotely accessible areas which made the asset management a difficult task for the engineering team. The assets or structures over the years had gone through innumerable number of modifications without a record. Due to lack of accurate record of then current condition of assets the client decided to opt for a professional help to conduct 3D laser scanning of the entire area and get precise estimates to ensure smooth planning for mature assets earmarked for removal.

Magnasoft supported the client in conducting a complete laser scan for each platform to provide accurate point cloud data with an accuracy of -/5mm and sharing as-built information to plan the removal process of each platform. Multiple teams were mobilized and equipped with latest laser scanners to Brent Alpha followed by other platforms to conduct the survey and provide accurate estimates to the client. Our expert team toiled hard to keep up with the continuous changing requirements and complexities involved in the project to ensure a smooth execution. Our insights had a major impact on how client planned to proceed with the decommissioning project for all its Brent platforms. Having acquired the accurate 3D information in its early stages for each component per platform helped client in a safe decommissioning with minimal impact on the environment.

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