1. 3D City Infrastructure

3D Models and Base Maps for Public Works, Transport and Civic Amenities Management

2. Indoor Mapping

Enabling Facility Management, Asset Operations, Maintenance and Indoor Navigation

3. Topographic Mapping

Underpinning Business and Decision-making Processes Everywhere

4. Digital Twin

Enabling planning, testing and monitoring of physical, economic and community structures

5. 3D Modeling

Extraction of elevations for your 3D mapping workflows

7. Cadastral Mapping

Realizing Public Land Records that underpin a Successful Economy

8. Planimetric Mapping
9. Stereo Compilation

Stereo Mapping for Accurate Digital Feature Extraction

10. Aerial Triangulation

Deriving 3D coordinates of the earth’s surface using aerial imagery

Street Navigational Data Management

Unmatched accuracy in capture, update and management of street data for navigation purpose


Magnasoft’s mobile LiDAR Data services can largely help you to understand urban scenes, especially when it comes to extraction and recognition of street furniture, such as lampposts, traffic lights and traffic signs. We present a complete paradigm for street furniture segmentation and classification using mobile LiDAR point cloud, thus helping you to overcome the accuracy issues that you face in other classification methods. Our expertise in Street Furniture & Navigable Data Creation help us to achieve excellence in capture of Road Signs, Lanes and Furniture for navigation for leading global digital mapping and location data providers.

Magnasoft also excels in providing accurate digital 3D data sets at millimeter level accuracy that are integrated into autonomous driving simulation environments. Using market leading LiDAR, CAD and mapping software, we integrate data from various sources such as point clouds, images, surveys and real time test drives to ensure a safe and enjoyable driving experience for the users.

Magnasoft Street Navigational Data Services

Our expertise lies in converting high dense raw point cloud data and imagery into valuable outputs ready to be used by you. We specialize in 3D mapping extraction of features including Building , Curb Top, Curb Bottom, Manhole, Light pole, Gate, Footpath, Electric Box, Fence, Bridges, Culvert, Water, Vegetation, Signs, Telephone Booth, Road Barriers, Railway power lines, Side entry Pit, etc. With several successfully completed road mapping projects in our repertoire, we are habituated to excel. We can help you create a robust road assets’ data inventory.

Our highly accurate, real-time intelligent mapping solutions will help you to ensure secure navigation and vehicle mapping anywhere, anytime. With our exceptional Street Furniture and Navigable Data Creation services, you will be able to provide enhanced navigation experience to the users.


Street Network Digitization

In order solve compelling problems related to navigation, municipal departments need to understand the road...

Route Network Analysis

Transportation networks are a framework of routes that link different locations. Navigable street network mapping...

Traffic Pattern Analysis

We build rich location based content and aid in better navigation for globally renowned web...

Data Management - Our Forte

Street navigational data changes on a continuous basis. For ensuring accuracy in navigation at all times, the data needs to be continuously managed. Combining the efficiency of automation with intelligence of human experts and inputs from a strong network of global partners, we are able to achieve unmatched quality in navigational data management, ensuring 100% accuracy.

Data Integration
Data Attribution
Data Updation
Data Integration

We can help you in complex data migration, integration and training tasks for your AI/ML applications. Be it creation of 3D reference maps for computer vision or AI training sets for image recognition, we stand out due to our extensive experience in large volume image and point cloud data handling, classification, cleansing, object extraction and geotagging.

Data Attribution

We specialize in manually adding attribute information as per client’s specifications to POI data or road signs, furniture and lane information collected for navigation purposes. Our network of global partners of over 20 years, allow us to capture street furniture and navigational data.

Data Updation

Roads keep on changing. To ensure safe driving, it is necessary to have detailed, up-to-date maps. This becomes all the more necessary for autonomous vehicles. We ensure that the maps are continuously updated, ensuring that the drivers remain equipped with the latest information at all times.

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