1. 3D City Infrastructure

3D Models and Base Maps for Public Works, Transport and Civic Amenities Management

2. Indoor Mapping

Enabling Facility Management, Asset Operations, Maintenance and Indoor Navigation

3. Topographic Mapping

Underpinning Business and Decision-making Processes Everywhere

4. Digital Twin

Enabling planning, testing and monitoring of physical, economic and community structures

5. 3D Modeling

Extraction of elevations for your 3D mapping workflows

7. Cadastral Mapping

Realizing Public Land Records that underpin a Successful Economy

8. Planimetric Mapping
9. Stereo Compilation

Stereo Mapping for Accurate Digital Feature Extraction

10. Aerial Triangulation

Deriving 3D coordinates of the earth’s surface using aerial imagery

Planimetric Mapping

Providing better insights as to where certain features are located on earth

Planimetric 3D feature extraction is important for land administration and management. Planimetric maps provide better insights as to where certain features are located on land. These details enable land administrators to take better decisions. Planimetric mapping is also indispensable for carrying out change detection in order to understand how the built environment has changed over time, update existing maps and monitor economic growth. Magnasoft has a rich experience in providing planimetric mapping for counties, municipalities, real estate, forestry, transportation and hydrography.

Magnasoft Planimetric Mapping Services

A planimetric map consists of manmade and natural features represented as lines, closed polygons and points using aerial and satellite images. Planimetric mapping involves the extraction of earth’s features such as roads, building footprints, river outlines and closed water bodies.
The methods used to obtain the information depicted on a planimetric map can be collected from orthorectified aerial digital photography that has been orthorectified, or using data captured through aerial lidar mapping and conventional land surveying techniques. Planimetric mapping follows image processing workflows after aerial imagery has been triangulated and orthorectified, providing vector basemaps to be used for topography mapping and geospatial analysis workflows.
Magnasoft offers both 2D and 3D digital planimetric mapping services. We have a consistent track record of providing the most accurate planimetric information with a precision of 10 cm for aerial and 50 cm for satellite imagery. We not only deliver traditional classification services but also provide value-added products such as surface models, contour models, raster models etc.

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