Workplace Health and Safety

Magnasoft has set up an occupational health and safety management system to protect employees’ lives and human rights by establishing a workplace where all employees and stakeholders involved in the work can work safely, physically, and mentally.

Magnasoft operates the Occupational Health and Safety Management System a voluntary system encouraging organizations to address workplace occupational health and safety risks. Based on this system, we are endeavoring to achieve the safety and health goals set by Magnasoft, including legal compliance, to improve employees’ health and safety.

Basic Principle

We aim to achieve a safe and comfortable workplace for our employees and everyone included in business activities.

At Magnasoft, ensuring the fundamental right to a safe and healthy working environment is our highest priority and implies to our employees, partners, and subcontractors. They are all responsible for putting the most importance on safety, no matter how much money they make or how fast they deliver. Health and safety are just as crucial to Magnasoft as other goals like quality, protecting the environment, being productive, making money, and providing good customer service.

The policy of Magnasoft is to provide a safe and healthy workplace for employees, contractors, and visitors. We are committed to preventing injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. We achieve this by:

  • Regularly conduct safety and health patrols; on-site and online via web conferencing

  • Educating employees with risk assessment & safety training

  • Promoting a culture of health and safety

  • General health & safety audit

  • Continuously improving our health and safety management system

Magnasoft has identified "ensuring the safety and health of employees" as one of the sustainability priority issues significant for the sustainable growth of the Magnasoft family and society.

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