Mobile LiDAR and mapping services combine LiDAR data capture and processing of point cloud dataset to meet the accuracy required for today’s high intensive infrastructure solutions. By using a mobile LiDAR survey, it has become possible to collect highly accurate data over large areas that were not possible with static LiDAR sensors.

Why Us

Magnasoft addresses the requirements of its clients by:

  • Being a prime partner, which has its own surveying equipment to conduct surveys and process the survey data
  • Executing more than 20,000 km of 3D line mapping working
  • Having the capacity to deliver more than 17,000 man hours of work every month
  • Conducting business operations 24×7, so a team is always engaged with your business
  • Having capability to work on leading software and tools to deliver high precision and quality work
  • Adhering to delivery schedules that ensure cost savings for client
  • Having a strong quality control and quality assurance model for project delivery
  • Providing multiple engagement models to associate with the customers

Services We Offer

Magnasoft is a leading mobile LiDAR and mobile mapping solution provider. We own and operate the highest grade of mobile LiDAR scanners to conduct topographical survey. We can also capture Mobile LiDAR data of 200 kilometers per day (km/day) using our own survey equipment with relative accuracy of about 5 centimeters (cm). Our established and experienced in-house team converts topographical survey data to create topographic maps, contours and cross-sections which help in preparing detailed project reports (DPR)/ feasibility study (FS) reports. A strong QA and QC process ensures stringent adherence to quality guidelines, leading to faster and accurate output.

Magnasoft creates digital map data using Mobile LiDAR Point clouds. We offer mobile mapping solutions which concentrate on feature extraction. These include the entire built environment and external asset from a range of feature classes like transport & traffic signage, street furniture, utility assets, vegetation and physical infrastructure.

Our mobile surveys and mapping service have delivered significant benefits to road and highway projects (including as-built surveys for refurbishment and new build, and asset management). In addition, we have also delivered quantified benefits to:

  • Railway systems
  • Open-cast mines and quarry volumetric surveys
  • Urban mapping for planning
  • Flood plain analysis
  • Coastal mapping
  • Overhead power line surveys
  • Accident reconstruction
  • High/wide load route planning