1. 3D City Infrastructure

3D Models and Base Maps for Public Works, Transport and Civic Amenities Management

2. Indoor Mapping

Enabling Facility Management, Asset Operations, Maintenance and Indoor Navigation

3. Topographic Mapping

Underpinning Business and Decision-making Processes Everywhere

4. Digital Twin

Enabling planning, testing and monitoring of physical, economic and community structures

5. 3D Modeling

Extraction of elevations for your 3D mapping workflows

7. Cadastral Mapping

Realizing Public Land Records that underpin a Successful Economy

8. Planimetric Mapping
9. Stereo Compilation

Stereo Mapping for Accurate Digital Feature Extraction

10. Aerial Triangulation

Deriving 3D coordinates of the earth’s surface using aerial imagery

Topographic Mapping Services for High-quality Topographical Maps

Underpinning Business and Decision-making Processes Everywhere


A topographical map shows the location of physical and man-made features. Apart from these features, topographical maps include legends and marginalia required for interpretation. A unique feature of topographical maps is relief portraying, enabling to follow the height variations in an area on a 2D map. Additionally, topographical maps include geographical names of settlements, natural features and administrative areas. Generating topographical maps involves specialized photogrammetric and cartographic workflows, combined with knowledge of local and national standards to be able to meet these, while guaranteeing that the information displayed on a topographical map is current, accurate and reliable.

Our way to create topographical maps

In the past, topographic maps were based solely on topographic surveys. Today, topographic surveying and mapping companies generate topographical maps following a basic workflow starting from acquiring the spatial data products that form the basis of a topographical map, such as aerial imagery and LiDAR. After processing the imagery data and applying photogrammetric techniques to generate spatially correct imagery products, spatial raster data is converted to topographic vector layers where man-made and natural features are digitized into different feature layers. Ultimately, the topographic map contains height information that serves to create Digital Elevation Models and derivatives.

An important feature of a topographical map is the map scale, usually going from a large-scale of 1:50,000 to medium scale of 1:50,000-1:500,000 and a small-scale of 1:500,000 and smaller. While large-scale maps are collected from data at a similarly large scale, smaller scale maps are generalized to fit the requirements of the end product’s scale.

We meet your organization’s specific topographical mapping challenges

Topographic maps need to be spatially accurate, reliable and up-to-date, meeting local and national standards. Because topographic maps are used in many different industries and business processes, underpinning important decision making processes, it’s most important that your topographical maps can pass every accuracy and other quality checks, leaving no doubt about possible interpretation of the information contained on the map.

Magnasoft has 20+ years of experience supporting national and local mapping agencies producing up-to-date, accurate and reliable topographical maps for various scales. Magnasoft’s professional topographic mapping services include collection, processing and visualization of the latest topographical map features in order to produce industry-level topographical maps. Magnasoft specializes in creating richly attributed geodatabases populated with TINs, rasters and vector data with topological rules, ensuring data integrity by performing numerous complex analyses, producing outputs that help solve diverse geospatial queries. Topographical mapping projects can be delivered in a variety of different formats too, from AutoCAD (DWG) to the latest version of Civil3D and specialized GIS formats.

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