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Magnasoft Geospatial, 3D Mapping and Engineering Services

We provide location-centric data validation solutions to enterprises in their digital transformation using our domain-specific and technology expertise.


Magnasoft is a recognized provider of location technology services and data solutions. As a company, our objective is to help our clients achieve their goals towards operational excellence.

Over the last 20 years, we have established a solid reputation in the global market as a provider of spatial technology and services.

We have broad experience with every known geospatial technology and a client portfolio consisting of F500 companies, government agencies and PSUs, who we have served directly or through partners.

Transforming businesses with location intelligence

We are constantly anticipating new markets, technologies, services and projects. As technology is always changing, so are we; we provide the latest technologies and domain expertise to help our customers achieve their goals. Based on our strong presence in various industries and proven track record with the latest location technology, we offer our customers an integrated approach to their project by combining different technologies resulting in the best possible outcome, whether this includes data collection, data management or providing additional data services.

Geospatial Mapping Services and
Solutions for Decision Intelligence
Digital Twin Data Solutions

Digital twins form the basis for any digital transformation, from individual assets to entire cities. At Magnasoft, we create 3D primitive and intelligent models, to enable better and informed decision making for all kinds of applications – be it urban, corridor or indoor. We have mapped complex cities such as London, Paris and NYC. Our key offerings include impressive ‘As-built’ structures with maximum accuracy, adherence to industry standards, intelligent models for quicker decisions and smooth integration of models into any B2B or B2C application.

Magnasoft’s smart city services include 3D modeling, Scan to BIM, CAD to BIM data conversion, Digital Twin modeling, 3D visualization of assets and energy simulations: Solar and Right Of Light (ROL). The Company has its own 3D city-modeling framework for urban, corridor and indoor mapping. This makes us platform-independent, unlike many vendors who rely on offerings from geospatial software companies.

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Precise digital 3D indoor experiences

Precision mapping of public and private indoor places in 3D has become essential for various applications in many industries. Using 3D laser scanners, indoor spaces can be replicated as 3D point clouds that form the basis for application areas such as industrial plant maintenance and monitoring, AEC facilities planning and indoor navigation at universities, hospitals and conference venues. The ability to bring these 3D experiences to users anywhere is what makes the technology strong and in high demand. Magnasoft’s indoor mapping services include spatial reality capture, positioning, indexing, IoT and enterprise integration as well as routing and wayfinding. One important differentiator is Magnasoft’s experience with IoT, having worked directly with device manufacturers and telecom networks, which has widened our understanding of the IoT landscape.

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Location Intelligence Solutions for Hi-Tech

Magnasoft offers a set of location centric services for the high tech – sector and new age product companies that require highly detailed and up-to-date 3D location data, for example automotive, location based service platforms and telecom. Being able to offer such highly detailed and trustworthy data positions us at the frontline of the geospatial information services companies. For the automotive industry, we offer HD (high definition) mapping for autonomous and assisted driving and data services such as generation of navigable 3D city maps, traffic pattern analysis and POI data collection for location based services through mobile data capture. We perform inhouse LiDAR and image based data processing, as well as data migration, integration and data cleansing, tagging and editing for AI/ML based algorithm inputs and outputs.

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Your geospatial data on the cloud

Governments, big tech companies and different industries making use of location technology and data are moving to a large-scale, integrated approach where huge data volumes need to be managed, updated and analyzed, in combination with a service-based approach to get the right information to the right stakeholder at the right time. Magnasoft can help your organization to digitize your assets and help you manage and update your digital asset data, locally or in the cloud. Unlike many geospatial intelligence companies, we have a strong presence around the globe; we operate quickly and meet your needs as best as possible. As our key clients are based out of Americas, UK, Europe and Australia, we also have subsidiaries in London and Denver

Why Magnasoft

The best way to predict the future is to create it. That’s why we strive to always get better at what we’re doing today. Magnasoft puts a lot of effort in constantly monitoring current performance to see where we can improve and how. This is exemplified by the implementation of the latest innovative delivery frameworks and automation solutions, including:


Operations enablement and resource planning framework


Web-based 3D project monitoring and customer collaboration framework 


Our quality management framework


Web-based post-delivery 3D data maintenance and managed services framework


Custom software tools based on industry leading technologies


AI and ML based standalone automation solutions


Strong cross-functional teams


Rapid TAT (turn around time) of 24-48 hours for quicker delivery cycles

Jamie Holmes

CEO , VU City

“Magnasoft has been a true partner. Together we have formulated an efficient and rigorous set of processes and protocols to allow us to scale our platform to over 2000 sq km of key cities in the UK and abroad. With a roofscape accuracy of 15cm we can now offer our clients unparalleled levels of accuracy in the field of city planning and other related services. They are responsive, understanding and reliable.”

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