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Optimize your network for fiber connectivity, accelerate your decision-making process, and future-proof your business

We are experts at creating geospatial intelligence that is customized for the telecom industry. From data acquisition to designing and processing to the final deliverable, we are your end-to-end geospatial service partner. We’ll help you meet your deadlines, beat margin targets and deliver uncompromised quality.

    • Boost revenue

      Hybrid delivery model to optimize operating costs.
      Accurate asset and data integration for shorter design cycles.

    • Reduce time to market

      Large workforce with domain experience.
      Faster turnaround times with 24-hour team support.

    • Leverage cutting-edge technologies

      AI/ML empowered experts to scale up services to match your evolving needs.
      Pave the way for in-demand user experiences.
      Customized solutions to help you map out and prepare for the future.

    • Collaborate with subject matter experts

      Multidisciplinary team of experts with 20 years of domain expertise.
      Extensive experience in underground and aerial fiber design projects.


Explore our Network Design & Engineering services for Wireline and Wireless Operators

Fiber (FTTx)/Outside Plant (OSP)
  • High-Level Design
  • Low-Level Design
  • As-Built Design
Pole Load Analysis
  • Field/LiDAR Data Collection
  • Pole Modeling (Digital Twin)
  • Load Calculation & Analysis
Permit Design
Make Ready Engineering
Telecom Tower Twin Engineering
  • UAV Survey
  • Digital Twin Modelling
  • AI/ML powered Asset/Inventory Management
  • Tower and Mount Mapping (2D Detailing)
  • Tower and Mount Structural Analysis


Cost-effective FTTH design:
How we optimized the fiber network deployment plan for multi-million THPs
Accurate 3D digital twin modeling:
How we helped a major telecom operator optimize existing towers and prepare them for future expansion

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