• How to make automated driving safe?

    HD maps for autonomous driving rely on a large amount of data, collected through sensors such as LiDAR, GPS, IMU, and radars, placed on autonomous vehicles (AV). This data must be annotated and curated accurately to allow safe navigation through autonomous vehicles. This task is challenging.

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  • BIM in Infrastructure Projects: For Unmatched Outcomes

    Building Information Modeling or BIM is the process which allows collaborative designing of a building using high-end 3D models. Be it roads, railways, utilities, bridges, tunnels or airports, BIM can bring unmatched precision and cost-effectiveness to the project.

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  • Bridge the Resource Gap for your Fiber Design & Permitting Projects

    As the demand for high-speed, broadband internet rises, the significance of fiber optic networks cannot be denied anymore. To have the innovations in the telecom space actually materialize at the desired pace, people need to drive the ideas to reality. However, the question is, “Is the sector skilled enough to do so?”

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  • Is high-fidelity spatial data the answer to FTTx challenges?

    Telecom service providers are continuously looking for innovative solutions to meet the rising bandwidth requirements. While FTTx seems promising, some challenges are limiting the deployment. Can geospatial intelligence resolve the same?

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  • Is your campus navigation ready?

    Digital maps have made wayfinding a lot easier, especially within complex environments. Is the story of large campuses any different?

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  • Why Constructioneering?

    Traditional ways of managing construction data have often led to data loss, leading to inefficiency and wastage. Constructioneering is an innovative approach that helps in overcoming these inefficiencies.

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  • Top Trends in Construction Technology

    The AEC and Infrastructure industry is undergoing digital transformation at a rapid pace. So, what are the top technologies that are driving this change?

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  • The Rising Era of Proptech…

    Technology is changing the way every business is functioning today. As the businesses become more digitally transformed, they impact our lives much more effectively. The story of real-estate is no different. The transformation that real-estate tech is bringing to our lives is more profound.

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