• The Rising Era of Proptech…

    Technology is changing the way every business is functioning today. As the businesses become more digitally transformed, they impact our lives much more effectively. The story of real-estate is no different. The transformation that real-estate tech is bringing to our lives is more profound.

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  • Why use 3D Models?

    3D Modeling brings in unmatched detailing in construction. With the help of 3D data models, the viewer can easily interact with the surroundings and make more informed decisions.

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  • Growing Importance of Indoor Mapping

    Indoor mapping technology has become a necessity for businesses, shopping malls, stadiums, office buildings, smart offices and more. The technology is booming since it is effectively addressing today’s need of high precision outcomes in indoor navigation.

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  • Why immersive experiences need 3D data?

    Immersive experiences enhance everyday life using innovative technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Digital Twins etc.

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  • Top 5 trends in the Telecom Industry

    The telecom industry has evolved rapidly in the last two decades. The advancements are happening at a continuous pace. So, what are the major trends that will drive the industry in 2021?

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  • Don’t be locked out of your data…

    With every passing day, the automotive industry is strengthening its capabilities, diligently making efforts to make autonomous vehicles a commonplace on our roadways. However, is everything working out well?

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  • Why 4D BIM?

    The more data we can add to an information model, the deeper we can go in understanding the construction project. We all are familiar with the benefits of 3D BIM.

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  • Managing Utility Data for Optimum Efficiency

    Geospatial data is becoming a source of value creation for almost every industry.

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